Wabi Sabi

This was a stellar band I was a part of for 7 years. There were several different configurations of the group – sizes, instrumentation, players, styles, originals, covers, etc. We played an absolute ton of gigs and recorded 2 studio records and I’m very proud of them both.

“Ode 2 Courts” – Latin Punk!
“Time Is Running Out” – I love this track.  Sorta funk-fusion.

“I’m Not Lion (The Wolf Song)” – Probably my favorite Wabi Sabi song. Beautiful ballad, just gorgeous. Clever lyrics, as always. I’m very happy with the rhumba on brushes I came up with and the tight bass drum/upright bass patterns throughout.

Brighter Shade

Very good band, led by singer/songwriter John Hopkins, who’s enjoying great success as the bassist for the Zac Brown Band. I did a ton of studio work with John as the producer/engineer and most of his projects included the Wabi Sabi family of musicians. I recorded the 2nd and final Brighter Shade CD, Divine Ignorance.
“Tomorrow” – One of the heavier tunes. All the Shade material is dripping with emotion.

Guyton Maurice

Guyton is a fantastic pianist & singer/songwriter, with a theatrical Tori Amos vibe. Hopkins called me to record this album and I’m really glad to have been a part of it.
“20 Questions” – Easily one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever been on. Killer song!

Carl Culpepper

Carl is a veritable genius. Beyond brilliant musician and a dear friend of mine. We had known of each other, but didn’t actually meet until he hired me to record his album. One of the few records that years later I can look back upon and be genuinely thrilled. It’s a huge honor for me to be on Amplitude.


“Tomcattin’” – Very cool tune. Challenging shuffle, rounded out by bass deity Gary Wilkins.


Progressive death metal, masterminded by the driven Eyal Levi, son of the world renown symphony conductor, Yoel Levi. This style of music is exceptionally challenging to play and I had my work cut out for me recording Daath’s first 2 releases. The band has gone on to achieve great success and is critically acclaimed, universally.

“Festival Mass Soulform” – Typical Daath epic tune, with twists and turns at every stop. I record this stuff sans vocals! : )

Stuck Mojo

Beloved around the globe, Stuck Mojo was a pioneering group of the rap-metal genre. I was not familiar with them until I got the job, along with another related band – Fozzy, with WWE superstar Chris Jericho. I toured the UK with both bands and recorded Stuck Mojo’s Southern Born Killers CD with famed metal producer, Andy Sneap.

“Home” – This is the last track on the album and has a bit more of an organic feel, for this style of music.